The Elephant’s World (full day)

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

All fares are per vehicle in Thai Baht, all inclusive of all transportation charges. Tickets to attractions or tour guides are not included in the package (please inquire if interested). Fares may be adjusted during festivals with high travel volume.

Private tour Time 1-4 pax 5-8 pax
Kanchanaburi - Tour 5: Feed and bath the elephants at Elephant’s World 08:00 - 17:00 4,400 4,600

General note

• The prices are for private driving tour with driver only (no guide). Qualified guide can be provided at added fee (please let us know if required).

• If you wish to make adjustment to this tour (add or skip attractions) please use the note section in our booking to let us know. Or if you wish to set up completely new tour please email us at

• Child seats for up to 15 kg (newborn to 3-4 years old) are available for 300 Baht per seat per trip (please indicate weight when make booking).

Note on this private driving tour

• Elephant’s World 1 Day Program price is 2,500 Baht for adult and 1,500 for child 4-12 years.

• Please bring sunscreen, hat, mosquito repellent and a change of clothes (you will get dirty/wet). Women are asked to swim in shirt and shorts in order to respect the Thai culture. Yellow bananas are also good for making friends there!

Tour Kanchanaburi

Let’s bath the elephants

Let’s bath the elephants.

Let’s cook for the elephants

It’s a good way to learn the elephant as you even get to cook for them.

4 gentle giants lounging next to the stream

Looks like these 4 are enjoying a stroll on the river bank.