Top rated Bangkok to Pattaya taxi and tours service

Getting a taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya has never been easier. Our taxi Pattaya service connects you from Bangkok airport (Suvarnabhumi or Don Muang) directly to your Pattaya hotel 365 days a year at reasonable rate. We also offer service farther than Pattaya to Rayong province and eastern islands such as Koh Samet or Koh Chang. Pattaya is a city that never sleeps and our taxi to Pattaya service runs 24/7.

At Pattaya, we offer service directly from U Tapao International airport, so getting Pattaya taxi from Pattaya airport to the beach front is easy. Our Pattaya taxi service has wide coverage so no matter where you have to connect to chances are we cover it – be it from Pattaya to Bangkok or from Pattaya to Rayong or any other places.

Laem Chabang taxi and tours service

From Laem Chabang Cruise Terminal, we offer transfers and Laem Chabang tours from Laem Chabang to Bangkok or Laem Chabang to Pattaya. Instead of idling on the ship, you can make the best of your stopover by seeing the beautiful cultural sites and landmarks. We will get you back to your ship on time. Please let us know the detail of your cruise ship schedule and we will set up your trip for you.

Pattaya is full of attractions. The Coral Island, the Sanctuary of Truth, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Pattaya Floating Market, the list just goes on. To book our Pattaya taxi service or day trip with driver, please email us, use our easy booking form, or call us at +66(0)84 1158210.

Thai Happy Taxi
To/from Pattaya Standard Sedan Deluxe sedan Family MPV VIP Van
Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) 1,150 1,350 1,450 2,250
Central Bangkok 1,450 1,550 1,650 2,250
Don Muang Airport (DMK) 1,750 1,850 1,950 2,450
U-Tapao airport (UTP) 1,000 1,100 1,500
Hua Hin 3,350 3,550 4,550
Koh Samet 1,500 1,600 2,000
Chao Lao Beach, Chantaburi 3,000 3,300 3,800
Koh Chang (to ferry pier) 4,000 4,200 4,800
Koh Chang (onto the island) 4,500 4,700 5,800
Day trip 1-4 pax 5-8 pax
Half day trip in Pattaya vicinity (4.5 hours) 2,600 2,900
Day trip in Pattaya vicinity (9.0 hours) 3,300 3,900
Day trip from Bangkok ending in Pattaya (or vice versa from Pattaya) (9.0 hours) 3,600 4,500
Day trip from Bangkok to Pattaya ending in Bangkok (or vice versa from Pattaya) (9.0 hours) 4,400 5,000
Laem Chabang Cruise terminal transfers and excursions
To/from Central Bangkok 2,050 2,250 2,750
To/from Central Pattaya 1,550 1,650 2,050
Laem Chabang Day trip
Day trip from Laem Chabang Port to Bangkok ending in Laem Chabang Port (9.0 hours) 4,900 5,600
Day trip from Laem Chabang Port to Bangkok ending in Bangkok (9.0 hours) 4,100 5,000
Day trip from Laem Chabang Port to Pattaya (9.0 hours) 3,900 4,600
Pattaya further afield
To/from Bangkok airport:
Najomtien 1,450 1,550 1,650 2,450
Sattahip 1,850 2,050 2,250 2,650
To/from Central Bangkok:
Najomtien 1,650 1,750 1,850 2,550
Sattahip 2,050 2,250 2,450 2,750
To U Tapao (Pattaya airport). Service to the airport only. No pick ups from the airport:
Central Bangkok 2,050 2,250 2,850
Banphe (Koh Samet Pier) 1,300 1,400 2,000
Pattaya 1,000 1,100 1,500
Rayong Town 1,100 1,200 1,600
Mae Pim Beach/ Klaeng district/ Rayong Marriott 1,500 1,600 2,200
Thai Happy Taxi

The Exhilarating Pattaya: our taxi Bangkok to Pattaya service connects you to all of Pattaya and more.

It’s probably hard to imagine Pattaya was once a sleepy fishing village on the gulf of Thailand when today you can probably find anything any seaside towns can offer and more. From the most budgeted hostels to the most extravagant 6-star hotels, busy street-side food stalls to award winning restaurants, and obscure flea markets to plush mega shopping malls.

Our Pattaya taxi and tours service ensures you get to Pattaya with ease. True there are plenty of taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya services on offer but the service levels can differ. So choose wisely. Pattaya has reputation for its wild nightlife but they have come leaps and bounds on the efforts to make the city a family friendly holiday location. Today hundreds of thousands of visitors drawn to Pattaya each year to enjoy myriad of activities. Water sports, swimming, paragliding in the bay; boat riding in the floating market; feeding hippopotamus at Khao Kheow open zoo; snorkeling at the coral island; strolling at the walking street; shopping til you drop in a posh shopping mall; screaming your lungs out at bungee jumping or skydiving; getting your boxing gloves on for Muay Thai. The list just goes on.

Long stretch of beach is a prominent feature of Pattaya

Relax your day away on a beach chair for rent at Pattaya

Clear water and blue sky at Pattaya’s coral island

Our Pattaya taxi and tours service lets you explore more

A thing about Pattaya that you may not be aware of is its cultural aspects. Our Pattaya taxi and tours service expands your scope of travel and lets you explore more. For example, the Royal Temple of Wat Yan Sangwararam is a beautiful temple and is under the King’s patronage. The temple also houses Viharna Sien (temple of the enlightens), which is essentially a Chinese museum that celebrates a fusion of Thai and Chinese cultures – a must for art and history lovers. You will find lots of things you probably would not expect to encounter on Pattaya holiday. Nongnooch Tropical Garden is another amazingly exquisite attraction, set in the southern neighborhood of Pattaya. It features some beautiful parks and amazing live shows. Or how about the sanctuary of truth? Probably the world’s most exquisite teakwood structure, the sanctuary of truth is a work of fine art with so much detail fully cramped into this almost an acre of teak building, making it a sight to behold.

Our Pattaya private transfer service can also get you further afield to the south and east of Pattaya. To the south Bang Saray is another fishing village with gorgeous beaches where you can go for swimming. Sattahip also has many wonderful beaches with clear water and blue sky. Further east you can go to the neighboring Rayong province and Koh Samet, which is another beautiful island in the gulf of Thailand.

The list of Pattaya attractions is endless and with a bit of exploration you will surely come across something you never quite expected. Our Pattaya taxi and tours service is available 365 days a year for your taxi to Pattaya or Pattaya tours, covering inner Pattaya and beyond.