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boat parked on the clear water of Koh Samet
walk over the clear water and blue sky at Koh Samet
plenty to see under the water at Koh Samet

Top rated Bangkok to Koh Samet taxi service (and all of Rayong)

Getting taxi from Bangkok to Koh Samet has never been easier. Our Bangkok airport transfer service take you to Koh Samet, both transfer only (single or return), or full day trip with professional driver to drive and accommodate you. We also can take you from Hua Hin, Kanchanaburi, Pattaya, Bangkok Airport, and other locations to Koh Samet and back. Rayong province – where koh Samet is located – is a wonderful destination and there is much more to discover. There are attractions in Rayong city with beaches close to town and also tropical fruit farms. Further east to Ban Phe (where the piers to Koh Samet locate), and in Klaeng district you can enjoy nice beaches and fresh seafood. In the area near Chantaburi province there is Mae Phim beach. There are amenities along the beach and Laem Tarn pier to Koh Man Nork is at the end of the beach. Further east is Chantaburi and Trat and if that where you’re travelling to we can take you also.

To book professional taxi from Bangkok to Koh Samet, Bangkok to Rayong, Bangkok to Klaeng, or return,, please use our easy booking form or call us at +66(0)84 1158210

Note: cars can’t travel on Koh Samet island. We pick up and drop off at the mainland jetties. There are a number of jetties next to each other in Ban Phe area so if you know the specific jetty for us to drop off/pick up please let us know.
All fares are per vehicle in Thai Baht, all inclusive (no hidden fees or extra charges). Fares may be adjusted during festivals with high travel volume.
To/from Koh Samet
Central Bangkok - Koh Samet 2,650 2,850 3,350
Pattaya - Koh Samet 1,500 1,600 2,000
Koh Samet further afield
From central Bangkok to:
Central Bangkok - Rayong town center 2,650 2,850 3,250
Central Bangkok - Ban Phe 2,650 2,850 3,350
Central Bangkok -Rayong Marriott and Spa, Novotel Rim Pae, Mae Pim Beach, Laem Tarn Pier 2,850 3,050 3,550
Central Bangkok - Chantaburi town center 3,350 3,550 4,250
Central Bangkok - Chantaburi Chao Lao Beach 3,650 3,850 4,750
• Cars can’t travel on Koh Samet island. We pick up and drop off at the mainland jetties. There are a number of jetties next to each other in Ban Phe area so if you know the specific jetty for us to drop off/pick up please let us know.
• For other destinations or day trip please email to inquire.
• Child seats for up to 15 kg (newborn to 3-4 years old) are available for 300 Baht per seat per trip (please indicate weight when make booking).

The wonderful Koh Samet and the Rayong Province

Koh Samet and the Rayong province is popular tourist destination for Thais and foreigners alike. As Koh Samet is so near Bangkok, the island is ideal for those wanting to get off to nice beaches for a couple of days without travelling all the way down south. It's only about 3.5-hour trip from Bangkok to Ban Phe district, and from there it’s a short ferry ride to the island.
Koh Samet is a laid back island where the emphasis is less on things to do and more on enjoying the beaches. This doesn’t mean it has no activities as that would not be in the spirit of the country of Thailand. Sai Kaew Beach is largest tourist community with the most number of resorts and restaurants with its long stretch of white sand. At day it’s full of activities on the beach and at night it comes alive with all the parties and breathtaking fire shows. For those who simply want to relax, the beaches further south of the island are quieter. And let’s face it, it’s always tough to beat the simplest activity of lying down on beautiful tropical beach. That’s probably the reason you come to visit Koh Samet in the first place anyway.
Now if we get back to the main land, Rayong province – where Koh Samet is located – is a wonderful place. The beaches on the mainline are not shabby at all and the longest stretch is Mae Ramphung Beach. It stretches to nearly 10 kilometers with many activities and seafood stalls. Further to the east you will find Suan Son beach and Laem Mae Phim, again long stretches of beach where one can pick a spot under the shade to enjoy the sea. Further into the land you will find dense rainforest and tantalizing waterfalls at Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park. If you feel adventurous you can venture further east into the provinces of Chantaburi and Trat. The first features a couple of beautiful waterfalls and the latter is adjacent Cambodian border and is the home of Koh Chang.